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Nutrition for Dogs

Proper nutrition is a very important part of your dog’s overall health requirements. We recommend the following:


Royal Canin Puppy or other premium puppy food is important for the healthy development of your puppy. There are also formulas available based on the size of your puppy or their digestive needs. Ask your veterinarian which formula is the best one for your puppy.

Adult Dogs
Royal Canin Adult or other premium adult dog food is important for your dog’s adult years. There are also formulas available in Light, Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Stomach and Senior which is a great choice for dogs seven years of age and older. Ask your veterinarian which formula is the best one for your dog.

We also offer many prescription foods that target certain medical conditions or diseases. Your veterinarian will explain your specific nutrition needs if your dog requires a prescription food.

For dogs of all ages: table food, bones, and scraps can be dangerous when fed to them. These items can cause gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, excessive weight gain, and intestinal obstructions as well as behavioral problems.

Many store-bought treats are high in fat. Try baby carrots and apple pieces for dogs of all ages. Most dogs will see these as tasty treats as well!

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise since they can easily become overweight even if fed the proper amount. This is important for all stages of their lives.

Ask your veterinarian if you have questions regarding your dog’s nutritional needs.