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Grooming for Dogs

All grooming procedures are best introduced when your puppy is young so it learns to tolerate being handled. Special attention should be paid to the ears, feet, and eyes so that you and your veterinarian can easily examine these areas.

Brushing your dog’s haircoat often helps control shedding and improve skin condition. Some breeds require frequent grooming by a professional to keep the haircoat neat and clean. Please ask your veterinarian if your dog’s coat would require this. If your dog is difficult to groom please ask us about grooming procedures we have available for difficult to handle patients.

Your dog may be bathed as frequently as every two weeks with a mild grooming shampoo. We recommend PearlBrite Shampoo as an excellent shampoo for regular bathing.

Ear cleaning can be done on a weekly basis with recommended products and techniques. Please ask your veterinarian for a demonstration of how to clean your dog’s ears.

Nails should be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Frequent trimming of the nails can prevent the quick from lengthening. A long quick makes it more difficult to trim the nails back to a normal length.

Regular dental care is also an important part of your dog’s grooming regimen. To prevent bad breath, tartar buildup, tooth infections, and tooth loss we recommend starting dental care today. Brushing your dog’s teeth daily with special toothpaste, regular oral exams by your veterinarian, and feeding primarily dry dog food can all help decrease the amount of tartar on your dog’s teeth and prevent tooth loss. If any problems are noticed when examining your dog’s teeth your veterinarian may recommend a professional cleaning. The cleaning can decrease tartar on the teeth and allows a thorough examination of the dog’s mouth. We also regularly apply OraVet gel after all cleanings. This can also be done by pet owners at home on a weekly basis to prevent plaque and tartar accumulation on the teeth.