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February 2, 2018

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Dog Parasites

Parasites are a common problem with dogs. We recommend the following:

Checking a stool sample microscopically (fecal exam) for intestinal parasite eggs at the time of your dog’s annual examination. If your dog has recently received deworming medication, we may recommend rechecking a stool sample again. This is a very important part of your dog’s annual exam as some intestinal parasites can be transmitted to humans.

Heartworm disease is transmitted to your pet by mosquitoes. This disease can be difficult to treat and can be fatal. We highly recommend a heartworm test be performed once a year as part of a routine physical exam. The heartworm test will test for Heartworm disease. If your dog tests positive for this disease we will go over any needed treatment and monitoring tests. We highly recommend giving heartworm preventative medication (Iverhart Max or Trifexis) once a month for life. Before giving the medication we highly recommend a heartworm test be performed to determine if your pet is already infected. This medication is also a monthly deworming medication so a fecal exam is recommended but not required prior to beginning Iverhart Max or Trifexis.

Ticks transmit Lyme disease and Anaplasma phagocytophilum. To help prevent tick transmitted diseases, we recommend using Frontline Plus once a month for life. Dogs should also be vaccinated for Lyme disease.

Fleas can be seen all year long. Using Frontline Plus once a month can help keep fleas from overwhelming your pet and home. Frontline Plus is easily applied on your dog’s skin and is waterproof and should be applied every 30 days. Ask your veterinarian about using Frontline Plus on your dog.