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How Important are my Pet’s Teeth?

Imagine what your teeth would feel like after not brushing them for one week, let alone one year or more. Dental disease is the most common disease of pets today.

  • Over 85% of pets over age 4 have some form of dental disease.
  • Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly can increase their lifespan by 3 years.
  • Dental disease has been directly linked to liver, kidney, and heart disease.
  • Dental disease, including gingivitis (inflamed gums) and abscessed or fractured teeth are painful for your pet. Your pet may not show pain until the problem is severe.
  • The main cause of halitosis (bad breath) in dogs and cats is dental disease.

We Recommend:

  • An oral exam as part of your pet’s yearly physical.
  • Daily brushing (we can show you how to do this).
  • Annual or semi-annual dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) under general anesthesia. (see risks of anesthesia)
  • We offer a variety of CET oral products designed and proven to aid with home dental care and dental health.

Please feel free to ask us what products might be helpful for you and your pet.