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Amanda S, Lead Technician, RVT

Amanda joined Mercy Pet Hospital in August 2014. Born and raised in Southern California, she and her husband decided they needed a change from the busy LA life and relocated to the foothills of Placer County. Her favorite thing about working at Mercy is every patient that comes in and gets treated with care and love. Amanda graduated in 2011 from Carrington College in Citrus Heights, CA with a A.A. degree in Vet. Technology, RVT. Amanda owns three fur babies, which are Nala;Pitbull and two Chichuahuas; Bella and Joey. Amanda's interests outside of Mercy are spending quality time with her husband and family, and enjoying the many seasons of placer county.

Cheyne, Shift Lead

I am originally from Grass Valley but just recently moved to the Sacramento area to attend school to become an RVT. I have one dog Riker, a Great Dane German Shepherd Mix. He is a little wild but I couldn't ask for a better friend. I have three loving cats named Prince, Blurr, and Atticus. Also, I just got a cockatiel named Syd who loves to sing while biting me. Going to work at Mercy Pet Hospital is always enjoyable because I get to meet precious pets and wonderful clients. Pets make life great and I can't wait to meet yours.


Florence, Veterinary Assistant


Nefte, Veterinary Assistant

StevieAnn, Veterinary Assistant


Rebekah, Veterinary Assistant


Alexandra, Veterinary Assistant


Chrissy, Veterinary Assistant


Kaitlyn H, RVT

Danyelle, Veterinary Assistant

Hi my name is Danyelle, I have lived in Sacramento my whole life. I have grown up with dogs, cats, fish, and small animals. I currently have one dog, a mouse, a bird, a cat and fish. I went to CRC in the RVT program and graduated 2 years ago. I'm working on taking my nationals for my license. I love all things Disney and I love to read.

Angela, Veterinary Assistant, Inventory Manager

Angie has been a vet assistant for 4 years and is currently in school double majoring in Humanities and Animal Science. Angie's career goal is to become a Large Animal/Food Supply Veterinarian as well as working in Wild life and Conservation. Angie has 2 dogs: hunter a Mini Aussie, and Hank a Pug, 2 horses: a quarter horse named Charlie Brown and a Paint named Unique, a mini lop named Jimmeh, an African Grey named Guapo, and a variety of barn animals that she helps take care of. Angie's favorite thing about Mercy Pet Hospital is being able to give quality care at affordable cost, and prides herself in being the voice and nurse for all the fur babies that come in.

Wendy V, RVT

In the fourth grade I knew I wanted to be an animal nurse. Loving Animals in in my blood which was nurtured by my parents. I don't mind drool, odors, loud screeches or long talks about your fur/feather baby. I believe all animals deserve respect and encourage preventive measures. I have over 15 years veterinary experience with small animals and in 2011 became a registered veterinary technician. I enjoy taking my beloved Aphrodite everywhere! She goes to A's baseball games, the beach, trick-or-treating, and on vacation. Halloween is my favorite time of the year.


Samantha F, Veterinary Assistant

Jordan, Veterinary Assistant