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Amy, Office Manager

Amy has been a veterinary receptionist for 13 years. An animal lover from an early age, Amy is proud to be owned by two cats. Maizie a mischevious kitten, and Giggsie, a youngin' who offers hours of endless entertainment. Amy owned and showed horses during her teen years and hopes to return to riding in the not so distant future.


Kim, Client Care


Yvette, Client Care


Jovanny, Client Care


Danielle , Office Manager

Wendy, Inventory Manager, Client Care

I started as an Art Teacher K-8th and my love for animals brought me to work here. I still love creating murals in my free time. Rosie and Roger are my fur babies. I love Sacramento as it is close to Tahoe and the coast.


Claudia, Client Care

I'm a Pescatarian who loves to cook! I fell into the veterinary field after telling a veterinarian that I loved animals and was offered a job. As a self-professed cat lady I enjoy living in Sacramento with my fiance for the the hiking and beautiful outdoor scene.


Stephanie W, Client Care/Veterinary Assistant

In high school I was an active member of FFA which lead me to a lifelong obsession with animals. I have enjoyed my time volunteering at the Sacramento Zoo for the past 4 years helping raising Flamingo hatchlings. I'm currently raising my 2 daughters, 2 hamsters and 4 cats. You may hear my voice answering on the phone as well as see me as your fur babies veterinary assistant!