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Amy, Office Manager

Amy has been a veterinary receptionist for 13 years. An animal lover from an early age, Amy is proud to be owned by two cats. Maizie a mischevious kitten, and Giggsie, a youngin' who offers hours of endless entertainment. Amy owned and showed horses during her teen years and hopes to return to riding in the not so distant future.

Lahel, Client Care

Hi, I'm Lahel. I was born and raised in Rio Linda with my mom and seven siblings. I am currently working at Mercy Pet Hospital while attending college and couldn't be happier. I love the atmosphere; constantly surrounded by pets, and getting to make connections with them, and their owners. I am a complete cat person and have owned cats since I was about two years old. I currently have a little calico named rebel, and she in no way lives up to her name, as she is the most friendly, docile little feline around. I love art, reading, kitties (of course), and I am alway thrilled to chat up any of our awesome clients.

Kassie, Client Care


Stevie, Client Care

Jennifer, Office Manager

Jennifer has been a receptionist in the veterinary field for three years. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her husband, and three children. Jennifer's home is ruled by her three cats, Neo, Rah Rah, and South Paw; A chihuahua mix, Dingo; and many many fish.

Cheryl, Client Care

I share my home with my two Bichons, Scooter and Sugar. I like to go camping at the Northern California coast, and I love to bake stuff! I enjoy working at Mercy Pet Hospital because we are truly about the well being of dogs and cats with our affordable prices and quality care. I feel good at the end of my work day knowing more dogs and cats were able to be helped because of the Mercy Hospitals.

Wendy, Client Care

Annie, Client Care

I was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Montana. My husband and I moved to Sacramento several years ago, and are really enjoying the diversity this area has to offer. To say that I love animals, would be an understatement. I have a strong passion for their well being, and work hard professionally and personally to make sure they are cared for and safe. I started working in the veterinary field in 2003. I love my work, and find there is always something new and interesting to learn.

I share my home with two handsome dogs; Hoover (my soul-dog) and Grady. Three perfect cats; Noa, Bailey, and Ben.--And three sweet hens; Bridgit, Emma, and Marji. I also foster kittens for a local rescue, so we usually have a few extra adorable house guests hanging around. I spend my free time enjoying my lovely family.


Claudia, Client Care